Course Content:

1. Epidemiology
2. Pitfalls in diagnosis and management
3. Adult dengue: a continuing threat
4. Pathogenesis
5. Laboratory diagnosis
6. Revised dengue classification
7. Vector control and community participation in dengue prevention and control
8. Dengue in special circumstances: adolescent, pregnancy, elderly and traveler
9. Severe complications in dengue: hemostatic derangement, liver and gastrointestinal involvement, renal complication and neurological involvement
10. Critical care and fluid management in severe dengue
11. Dengue vaccine
12. Mathematical medeling

Attendance & Certificate:

Participants are expected to attend all sessions during the course. Travel arrangements will be made accordingly. Participants will be evaluated continuously throughout the course for knowledge acquisition. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to successful participants achieving the required standard and attendance record.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for medical doctors and other health personnels who currently have a responsibility in management of dengue patients. All students doing their Masters in Clinical Tropical Medicine and other doc or post-docs would substantially gain knowledge and experience concerning dengue management from real situation in this highly endemic area.

Number of participants: 100

Please apply with payment on the basis of first come-first served